About Us

We love art and we believe that art should be a part of every day life.  Why?  Because art requires creativity, and creativity requires innovation, and innovation is a catalyst for change, and change is good because nothing ever really stays the same for ever and ever.  Therefore, art, or the artistic process is the fuel needed to drive change through a merciless process, hopefully for a better mankind.

Taking this concept forward, one day we were looking at our drab phones as millions of people do so many times every day and the idea came to mind, let’s put art on the phone as a reminder of its importance as a key catalyst of creativity, innovation, and change.  But how?  We ordered customized phone cases using original artwork and they were beautiful.  Everyone noticed and asked where the art came from and how we created our cases.  The light bulb lit up!

This was the genesis of our Blue Sky Cases phone case business, purpose built to bring art, creativity, or whatever you want to the device of your choosing. Thoughts abound and so many slogans came to mind.  The one that kept coming back:

Beautify your Phone – Beautify your Life!!

We are making a positive impact on the world, come what may.  All portion of sales from Blue Sky Cases is donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to help find a cure for those suffering from MS.  Will you join us?

- Robyn and David